Business and Software Services – Online B2B Marketplaces. 99Designs, Salesforce AppExchange, blur Group and DiscoverCloud. Online software B2B marketplaces have arisen because the Internet has created many opportunities for companies to create markets that deliver products more effectively, whilst offering increased efficiencies in the supply chain, and richer ways of responding to customers. But many still face a reality check. In some industries, key players are competing to get their operations up and running, others are still deciding whether or not they want to take part, and some have been sweating on not breaching different kinds of new online business rules. Many of the B2B marketplaces as we know them will not succeed in the long-term because companies will not want to give up control of their direct relationships with customers.

Business and Software – Online B2B Marketplaces

business-and-software-online-b2b-marketplacesIs Slack The Next Big B2B Software Marketplace? When it comes to B2B software the two marketplaces which come immediately to mind are SalesForce with and Google with Google apps for businesses. Software marketplaces main benefits are: Discovery / curation: businesses can find relevant 3rd party services and software. Identity management: businesses can easily manage employee’ accounts to onboard / offboard them (single sign on) on these 3rd party software. Integration / interconnexion: businesses can integrate seamlessly these 3rd party services with their existing apps and data. These services attracts more “enterprises” than small businesses. So there is definitely space for a SMB friendly software marketplace. Can Slack fill this gap? From the existing prospects out there, some industry insiders think that Slack is probably the best candidate right now to turn into such a platform.

Business Software and Services Online B2B Marketplaces

business-software-and-services-online-b2b-marketplacesBusiness and Software Services B2B Online Trade Marketplaces. What’s the difference between Getapp, DiscoverCloud and Capterra? GetApp and Capterra both have in-depth directories. They’re organized simply with an intuitive interface. One of their issues is that they can have a pretty narrow target audience. They usually appeal to a lighter crowd. DiscoverCloud, on the other hand, deals with everyone from well-known brands to start-ups and every marketeer in between. It’s an effective way for marketers to promote and publish their free or paid products. We will continue to update our list of most important sites. Building out from scratch a customer-friendly and useful B2B e-commerce site can and will take months or even years. Some B2B platforms make it in the long-term and others survive only short time. We will, as said, TRY to keep this list updated:

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