China Wholesale Markets and B2B eCommerce. There are thousands of wholesale markets in China. However, the vast majority is exclusively focusing on the domestic market. If you wish to import from China, you are in most cases better off investing your time sourcing manufacturers and trading companies who are geared towards the international market. However, if you really want to travel to China to buy from any of the Chinese wholesale market vendors, it is strongly recommended you to find a reliable agent that accompany you during your visit. The easiest and most cost-effective place to start a search for suppliers in China is on the Internet via search engines such as Bing or Google and B2B sourcing platforms.

China Wholesale and B2B eCommerce Platforms

china-wholesale-and-b2b-ecommerce-platformsThe largest online B2B sourcing portal in China is Alibaba. But the oldest is actually Global Sources started in 1996 (Alibaba was started online in 1999). Other major and well-known English-language B2B sourcing platforms are Made in China, JQW Mall, DHGate and Global Market. There are many more of course. About all B2B sourcing platforms: All the mentioned and not-mentioned B2B sourcing platforms should be seen as simple listings for suppliers. It’s possible to find frauds and scams and very low-quality companies on any of them. There is no “quality control” of the listed companies, so be aware of this and search online for “avoiding B2B scams” when buying from China – or similar search words. Some of the leading B2B sourcing platforms have endorsed service provider lists and supplier blacklists. For example, Alibaba has a list of banned members. Others have reviews that offer some indication that the supplier is legitimate.

Yiwu Commodity Market Wholesale Online

Yiwu Commodity Market Wholesale Online ChinaMost people have probably never heard of Yiwu, but Yiwu is a small city in Zhejiang Province, and home to the Yiwu International Trade City, also known as China Commodity City. The market has been named by the UN, World Bank, and JP Morgan, among others, as the “largest small commodity wholesale market” in the world. There are more than 75,000 vendors selling 1.8 million products, including electronics, Christmas decorations, and apparel at Yiwu Commodity Market. More than 210,000 people visit the market every day. Launched in October 2013, offers products from some of the market’s companies that sell through 54,500 online shops featured on the manufacturer-to-business e-marketplace. The international site is offered in 4 languages, English, Russian, Spanish and French.