Asia Wholesale and the Asian Wholesalers. Wholesale in Asia is a major job engine at the center of Asia’s economy covering almost all goods and services. Though not always visible to the general public, it plays an important role as the go-between with Asian producers, importers, manufacturers, retail and service providers. Companies in many Asian sectors benefit greatly from the know-how and the product diversity offered daily by the million of wholesalers across Asia, with the eventual savings being passed on to the consumers. The wholesale sector is very dynamic and one that is transforming continuously and responding well to economic challenges, past and future, and to the ever growing pace of new technology.

Asia Wholesale in Practice – Cash & Carry

asia-wholesale-in-practice-cash-carryThe Asian Cash and Carry business as a special form of the self-service wholesale format has been developed especially to serve businesses and companies that need to satisfy their demands fast and in a cost-effective way. These Asian business customers are primarily from the gastronomy sector, the hotel business, from school, hospital or company cafeterias, from professional caterers or clubs. After registering, they visit Cash & Carry wholesale markets, select their own purchases and carry these back themselves instead of placing orders with multiple Asian vendors. Cash & Carry markets offer a huge product range. Some Asian companies can provide several thousands of different products from the food and non-food area.

The Future of Asia Wholesale is eCommerce

the-future-of-asia-wholesale-is-ecommerceIn the era of connected consumers, Asian wholesale distributors and manufacturers need to be able to be flexible and adapt to the demands of, not only their clients, but the customers of these clients too. In the past, Asian wholesale distributors has been criticized for their resistance to change and lack of technological innovation. This is fast changing. Today, also Asian companies are making incredible leaps and bounds adopting the latest technology. These businesses are taking advantage of the benefits new B2B eCommerce technology has to offer. The companies that are resisting the move to business-to-business eCommerce within the Asian wholesale distribution and manufacturing sectors will soon be left behind. They will be limited by their outdated infrastructure and lack of a single, comprehensive, view of their Asian organization.