The U.S. tech market has hit a few bumps recently. And European Entrepreneurs Are Coming To The U.S., Bringing Threats And Opportunities. The best European companies are coming to the U.S. to grow their businesses in the U.S. market and become global market leaders. GP Bullhorn, a European investment bank, compiled a database of all of the European tech unicorns that have emerged since 2000. Four of the the top five companies on the Bullhound list (ranked by valuation) are global market leaders with significant market presence in the U.S., and two of them have been acquired by U.S. based companies. For most European entrepreneurs who want to create a big company, the imperative to become established in the U.S. market is clear. The U.S. is the largest homogeneous market in the world with the largest pool of early-adopter customers.

European Entrepreneurs Are Coming To The U.S., Bringing Threats And Opportunities

european-entrepreneurs-are-coming-to-the-u-s-bringing-threats-and-opportunitiesSeven of the eight European companies that Bullhound identifies as recently-emerged European unicorns are focused on global markets. Continue reading here: European Entrepreneurs Are Coming To The U.S., Bringing Threats And Opportunities. A hand-full of firms have established European funds to invest in Europe, the remainder seldom invest in European companies until those companies have developed significant businesses in the U.S. Americas – All Countries. Small Business Blog for Americas Entrepreneurs, Women and Youth. With many entrepreneurial topics and local business ideas for home and other opportunities, and with lots of upstart support information. Read more below.

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