Asia Startup Community. There are plenty of opportunities for startups in Asia but it’s certainly not the easiest market area to enter. In Asia (and ASEAN) you will find more than 25 countries, with different languages, many cultural nuances and Government’s regulatory barriers that can pose great challenges. Establishing a startup business in Asia is certainly not the same as in North America or Europe for these various reasons mentioned. Entrepreneurs anywhere may be open-minded and have creative attitude towards creating new ventures and experimenting with different technologies and business models, but for the Asian business culture in general though, there are some key differences people need to be aware of to succeed. For startups thinking about entering Asia what’s critical is therefore to find a local business partner.

Online Platform for Asia’s Tech Community – Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is the go-to online platform for Asia’s tech community, with annual conferences hosted in Singapore, Tokyo, and Jakarta. Right here is where you can keep abreast of Asia’s tech industry, share your thoughts alongside ours, and connect with startups and investors alike. Asia is a big place. Its place in the world, even bigger. It’s growing every second too, and Tech in Asia is here to keep you plugged in. With an ever-growing team of close to 100 based all across Asia and the US, spanning editorial, events and database functions, they are fully dedicated to bringing Asia’s tech ecosystem closer together. Above all, Tech in Asia Startup online want to give you a voice with their platform and facilitate meaningful discussions that would otherwise only take place offline. Anyone willing to add value to Asia’s tech community and ecosystem is able and welcome to join in the conversation.

Asia’s Largest Tech Media Platform – e27

About e27. What started out as a blog to keep track of the startups sprouting in Singapore has continued to evolve with time to ensure that we could continue to provide the relevant tools and resources to the tech ecosystem in Asia. We know it’s hard to build a successful business, and this is compounded when you have to strike out alone. With e27 you will be plugged into a community of people who can become mentors, partners, investors, colleagues, and customers. Now you can come to a place, the e27 Startup Support Community, where you find news, community events, talent, and funding! Basically everything you need to build a billion-dollar company.

Asian Tech and Startup Community – Focus Asia
Focus Asia is a response to the growing need for communication between Asia’s movers and shakers with aim to facilitate innovation and support by creating a centralised community. Focus Asia is a place where you can chat in real-time with other like-minded people who share and learn, together. Imagine you have your own fast-track ticket to great people, insights, and the hottest opportunities in Asia’s Tech and Startup scene. Who we are: We are authentic, spam-free and professional community of entreprenuers, developers, software & hardware engineers, project managers, product designers, data scientist / analysts, specialists from growth / marketing & sales, investors, startup-friendly service providers and avid enhusiasts & influencers.