ASEAN Startup Community. Southeast Asia is becoming one of the better places to grow a startup in today’s entrepreneurial world. The new-established Asean Business Community (AEC) with ten nations as members is in its infancy of startup growth and business development potential. This is also due in part to the combination of incentives established by Southeast Asia’s various governments to attract investors to the area and the arrival of hundreds of early-stage startups. The western countries aren’t always the place for every tech or other business startup and over the last few years lots of digital nomads have moved to Asia and high-quality talent is now available in nearly each and every ASEAN nation.

ASEAN Startup Accelerator – MaGIC

A program to accelerate 50 startups to be investment-ready in 4 months, and to build a strong ASEAN startup community. 50 startups in the intake. Open to ASEAN member countries. The Malaysian Government has launched a new accelerator program in Southeast Asia that is designed to help companies in the region that have raised money to take their business to the next level. The team at MaGIC is made out of a group of dedicated, entrepreneurial people who are passionate about building the startup ecosystem. MaGIC’s ASEAN Startup Accelerator program backers and supporters have spent countless hours to better understand how MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) can help create an environment to provide ASEAN (South East Asian) startup entrepreneurs the best chance of regional and global success.

ASEAN U Start Conference

USTART ASEAN has launched a regional to global network event, building an ASEAN University Startup Community driven by the top academic and research talents and technology in ASEAN region. This a showcase platform for excellence in University Entrepreneurship, creating regional markets through inter-varsity joint ventures and partnerships, marketing, opening marketing, investment opportunities in technology, Intellectual Property (IP) and knowledge-driven ventures. The ASEAN University Startup network will be creating a new partnership paradigms through a blue ocean strategy of co-access to mentoring, coaching and co-incubator facilities, spanning through the ASEAN university startup managers network.