Startup Communities in Asia. What is a startup business or start-up company actually? What does it mean to be a startup? If you talk to entrepreneurs or investors or others you will find that everyone has their own definition of just what a startup is. One way of defining a startup is: A business that is in the first stage of its operations and also a venture that is designed to grow fast. Often, in the news, you will see the phrase about startups: An organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. A number of startup founders believe running a startup is a state of mind or a feeling. Some may say that a startup is greater than the sum of its parts with learning being the essential unit of progress. From a perceptive insight, it is a human enterprise.

Startup, Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner

Do you think there’s a difference between an entrepreneur and a startup founder? If so, what sets these two apart? After researching the topic online we can say that almost everyone agrees that there’s a considerable difference between an entrepreneur and a startup founder. And the nearest and most agreeable and definitive meaning found is: An entrepreneur is in it for the money, the startup founder is in it for the passion. So where does the new small business owner fit in and what is the difference to a startup? The startup founder and small business owner are both entrepreneurs. However, the driving force behind the two business models is different: The Intent of the startup founder is to disrupt the market with a scalable and impactful business model; whereas the intent of the small business owner is to be her own boss and secure a place in the local market.

Startup Communities in Asia

Startup Communities, according to Kauffmann Foundation: Places that attract and support innovative entrepreneurs and building vibrant startup ecosystems that can spur the economic growth, create jobs, and build healthy communities. Asian policymakers eager to drive economic growth and innovation or trying to seek for approaches to become “the next Silicon Valley” – perhaps without fully understanding what that really means or takes – need to read the following report: Examining the Connections within the Startup System . Our readers may also be interested to spending a few minutes watching the Kauffmann sketchbook video called “StartupVille”.