Sports and Extreme Adventure Tourism in Asia  Generally speaking,  we don’t really know why action or adventure activities are called “extreme sport.” But some of the characteristic are that they are mostly youth based and mainly individual performances and that they do normally not involve teams. Extreme sports are about participant adrenaline rush, skill and danger. There are many different types of action sports that travelers around the world engage in, both men and women. Men are often engaged in extreme sports with dangerous physical challenges, like base jumping, an activity where participants jump from fixed objects with parachutes, or waterfall kayaking, a 3-4 second ride five stories of water,  or maybe big-wave surfing, trying to brake records in 100 feet waves. Women, on the other hand are not left behind, they may go for action sports where high physical ability and mental skills and understanding are needed. On the water, both surfing and white water rafting are very popular, and you don’t have to be in California to start, and rafting involves riding an inflatable raft through rough, rushing waters with a local guide leading the way. On land, women may go for the indoor activity called Roller Derby, a sport ruled solely by women, and its a full contact sport, certainly not played by the physically challenged

What Is Sports Tourism?

Sports and Extreme Adventure Tourism in AsiaMany people wonder what sports tourism is. Sports tourism is traveling from one region, country, state, etc. to another in order to watch a sports competition or game. While sports tourism has not always been extremely popular, during the recent decade the amount of people attending out of area sporting events has drastically increased. People are now traveling far and wide just to attend their favorite events, and it is no wonder as to what has encouraged the sudden spike in popularity. Extreme adventure tourism gains a broader range of enthusiasts. A taste for truly exciting and extreme activities is developing among holidaymakers throughout the globe. Stepping away from the traditional “rest and relaxation” desires when planning out holidays, the need to live out excitement-filled once-in-a-lifetime thrills has become greater amongst travellers. Adventure tourism is now one of the most sought-out experiences and many companies in the sector have taken notice. Travel agencies now offers a wide range of exciting excursions because living out exhilarating moments is gaining more and more popularity among holidaymakers:

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By Joern Nielsen