Medical Tourism Associations. MTA is the first international non-profit association based in the USA that consist of international hospitals, medical providers, healthcare travel facilitators, insurance companies and other affiliated companies and members. They share a common objective of advancing top quality of medical facilities to patients in a global setting. The Association advances the interests of its medical provider and healthcare travel facilitator members. The three principles of Medical Tourism Association are Transparency, Communication and Education.

Their mission is to increase the awareness for the high quality of medical facilities accessible in several countries. Uphold transparency in quality, pricing and patient security while providing global medical services. The Medical Tourism Association will present an impartial source of information and education for patients, insurance companies and employers regarding best hospitals, their quality of care and results. Provide a stable forum for interaction and industry involvement.

Asian Medical Tourism Association. AMTA - Entrepreneur-sme.asiaAsian Medical Tourism Association. AMTA is a leading not for profit organization that was set up in the middle of the year 2009 for the purpose of amplifying the development of the medical tourism industry in the Asia Pacific fringe. The head office of this organization is located in Phuket, Thailand and it is one of the best known names in this sector owing to its mission that calls for absolute transparency and a steady commitment towards the overall improvement of the medical tourism sector and the allied community.

Promoting trade and tourism through a highly conducive environment, this organization is also considered to be one of the most widely acclaimed for its immensely successful World Medical Health Tourism Conference, which it organizes on a regular basis.

European Medical Travel Alliance (EUMTA) - Entrepreneur-sme.asiaEuropean Medical Travel Alliance (EUMTA). This is a newly formed nonprofit organization in Hungary. Its purpose is to assist or expand the economic activities of its members through combining resources, activities or skills to generate results better than members acting by themselves.

Objective: Uphold the interest of the stakeholders in the developing medical tourism industry. Synchronize the activities of the industry Present convincing substitute solutions for deficiencies in the medical systems of the UK, US and other places. Turn in to a dynamic industry forum Grow a strong political and private section lobbing facility in the EU, USA, UK and everywhere else on behalf of their members. Enhance patient mobility and their free selection of healthcare provider

Mission: The mission of European Medical Travel Alliance is to combine the power of its members so that European ventures can attain the leading position they deserve in the fast developing medical tourism market which depends on the reputation for quality and dependability.