Medical Tourism and Asian Health Travel.  The Asian medical tourism industry is currently growing at double-digit growth rate. Thailand, India and Singapore have dominated the region’s medical tourism industry. They have a combined market share of around 90% in 2009. However, several countries are moving up, like India with its traditional alternative therapies. Such as Ayurveda, therapeutic massage, yoga, and meditation. Malaysia with its Government-sponsored Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council or better known as MHTC. Singapore has its Women’s Heart Health Clinic where female clients are treated by an all-women team. South Korea  and the medical providers is under the Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion (CKMOP).  And Thailand has its which is the official website for Thai Medical Tourism by their Tourism Authority (TAT). Each of these countries have been pouring investments into their health care infrastructure. To meet the demand for quality-assured medical care. Through first-class facilities and highly trained medical specialists. Including all-services hospital care

China Emerges as next Global Medical Tourism Hotspot

China emerges as next global medical tourism hotspotSvetlana Shipetko and her two sons did not just come to South China’s tropical island of Hainan to escape the freezing Siberian weather. Shipetko had an equally important goal – to ease her lower back pain. Instead of prescribing painkillers, Shipetko’s Chinese doctor Tang Yi performed the traditional Chinese therapy of “tuina,” which literally means “push-and-pinch.” Every morning, Shipetko received the therapy at the Sanya Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, then spent the rest of the day bathing in the sun. “It is great,” she told Xinhua through an interpreter. “No pills, no injections, but I feel much better.” Shipetko is one of tens of thousands of Russians who flock to Hainan every year. The island province has received 800,000 Russian tourists in the past seven years. Almost 80 percent of them tried some form of traditional Chinese therapy during their stay — either to treat a particular ailment or simply for wellness, health authorities said. Rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has in recent years gained popularity in a world dominated by modern Western medicine. Clinics have proliferated outside of China, but many face challenges such as getting herbs across the border or luring experienced professionals to work overseas. As a result, more foreigners are coming to China for TCM treatment or therapy. The boom is particularly felt in Sanya, where Russian-language advertisements for acupuncture pop up across the city.

Medical Tourism and Asian Health Travel

Medical Tourism and Asian Health Travel

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