Adventure Travel Information in Asia. Micro entrepreneurs are often involved in Asian adventure travel. There is a growing interest in independent travel and individuals with specialist skills and small business owners are much easier to connect to nowadays via websites on the internet. Adventure Travel is a mix of tourism plus one, two or all three of the following:

  • A physical activity
  • A cultural exchange
  • An engagement with nature

Adventure Tourism in Asia - Small Business EntrepreneursProduct and Services There are many types of “niche” products and services that fall within the Adventure tourism category:

  • Getting Wet
  • Getting High
  • Getting Fast


Getting Wet

– Surfing for beginners
– Canoeing and kayaking
– Kite surfing or kite boarding
– Wakeboarding for men and women
– White-water rafting on rivers
– Caving and caves
– Water-skiing instruction
– Diving deep sea, scuba
– Windsurfing, wave sailing
– Kayaking recreational


 Adventure and Sports Travel in Asia -

Getting High

– Flying sports
– Gliding and sail planes
– Paragliding and parasailing
– Ballooning, hot air
– Rock climbing training
– High rope adventures
– Micro lighting, small aircraft
– Zorbing, roller ball


Getting Faster

– Archery, bows and arrows
– Karting, go-karts, kart racing
– Mountain biking, off-road bicycling
– Paintballing, guns with paint
– Landbording, mountainboarding
– Rallying, rally racing


Adventure Travel is the Future of Tourism

Adventure Travel in Asia - The Future of Tourism - Entrepreneur-sme.asiaWorld tourism leaders have hailed adventure travel as the future of tourism, at the 2012 Adventure Travel World Summit, held in Lucerne, Switzerland, in October that year. Taleb Rifai, the secretary-general of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), said, ‘Adventure tourism is what tourism should be today and definitely what tourism will be tomorrow’. As responsible tourism gains ground with tourists and the hospitality industry, the chief of travel for Google, Rob Torres, said that serious travel consumers are working towards more experience-based, responsible tourism.

By Joern Nielsen