Adventure Travel and Eco Tourism in Asian Countries. Environmentally conscious and culturally sensitive travelers around the world have begun to prefer more responsible and lower impact tours, with an emphasis on vacations where they get to have experiences. The adventure traveler to Asia may seek connection with nature in form of an outdoor leisure activity. And depending on age and general  fitness level it may involve either low or high levels of physical activity. There are several niches of Asian adventure travel, like Getting Wet with all kind of water related activities. Whitewater rafting, canoeing, diving or surfing, just to mention a few. Another area for adventure is the Getting High niche.  Which is where people looking for an adrenaline rush may try out paragliding or hang gliding or jumping out from a small tin can, (sometimes also called an airplane !). And if that is too adventurous, maybe trying out hot air ballooning. For the traveler who likes speed, Getting Faster may be the choice. Perhaps trying out kart racing or go-carts or rallying, auto racing on private roads. Others who prefer lower speeds and more physical activity may go for mountain biking expeditions.

Adventure Tourism and Eco Travel

Adventure Tourism and Eco Travel AsiaEco Travel Definition: Eco travel encompasses all the variants of ecotourism and green travel. So whether it’s responsible travel, sustainable tourism, ethical tourism or culturally aware travel, they all fall under the same umbrella of eco travel. Of course, these terms are open for debate and change often, but they have the same ethos at heart. So, in essence, anyone who prefers to travel the green way is an eco traveller. Adventure Travel Definition: A type of niche tourism, involving exploration of travel in an “unusual, exotic, remote, or wilderness destination.” … Travelers are highly engaged in involvement with activities that include perceived (and possibly actual) risk, and potentially requiring specialized skills and physical exertion.

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