Small Business Cybercrime and SME e-Commerce. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for the bulk of all private sector businesses in the Asia and Europe. All of them bring in revenue and hold intellectual property, and many have exploitable links to larger companies. Cyber criminals are going where the people and the money are, and they know that SMEs typically have fewer defenses than the average large company. Orla Murphy, small business expert at Symantec says, ‘On top of that, the risk to the overall livelihood of the SME is much greater than the typically more protected enterprise. With less protection in place and less cushion to help your business recover from a breach, for an SME, an attack can mean the difference between success and failure.’

Small Business Cybercrime and Protection

small-business-cybercrime-and-protectionSmall Business Cybercrime and Protection against Cyber Attacks. Alan Ryan, security practice director at MTI says that protecting against sophisticated cyber attacks is particularly important for companies with an e-commerce platform, but how do companies determine whether the person on their website is a customer or a criminal? Source: Small Business UK. Read more here: ‘It can be very difficult to detect cyber criminals with traditional technologies,’ he says. ‘Previously, you would have to rely on tools that manually sift through log details. These traditional security tools simply are not able to keep up with the amount of data that is produced today.

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