Singapore Jobs for Foreigners and Singaporean job search and English speaking employment vacancy listing. Find also thousands of Malay-Mandarin-Tamil-speaker Singaporean jobs from hundreds of well-known company web sites, ASEAN and Asian job boards and Singapore local newspapers. One search has all jobs Indeed. Search or browse jobs across Singapore “the Lion City”. Find work or recruit the ideal local or foreign candidate. Lots of the jobs listed are also open to Singapore citizens or permanent residents. This international jobs and Singaporean careers site are bringing employers and job seekers together from all around the world. The Singapore job listing portal is a great place for Western and Asian expats to search for overseas jobs and for international employers to promote job openings to all local or global job seekers.

Singaporean Jobs for Foreigners and Local Citizens

Singaporean Jobs for Foreigners and Local English and Malay-Mandarin-Tamil-speaking Citizens: Search and find Singaporean Top Jobs for Foreigners by visiting this mentioned page link. Singapore Jobs, Employment and Country Information: 40 years ago, Singapore was confronted with severe unemployment, poor infrastructure, and a housing shortage. Today, the city-state has taken its place among the newly industrializing countries in Asia. Today, Singapore is a high-income economy with a gross national income of $54,040 per capita, as of 2013. The country provides the world’s most business-friendly regulatory environment for local entrepreneurs and is ranked among the world’s most competitive economies.

Singapore Country Information (Continued). Singapore’s rapid industrialization took momentum in the 1960s and, by the end of the decade, manufacturing had become the lead sector of the country’s economic growth. By the early 1970s, Singapore had reached full employment. In the 1980s, Singapore had joined the ranks of Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan among the newly industrializing countries in Asia. Presently, the strong manufacturing and services sectors have become the twin pillars of the Singapore economy. There is a wide range of businesses, with a particular focus on high value added activities.

Additional Information about Singapore – Find additional job focus, work issues, career sources and employment opportunities and conditions by searching online for sites, like, BBC News Country Profile: Singapore – Open Directory: Singapore – Wikipedia: Singapore – The World Factbook – Singapore.

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