Scottish venture designed to make market entry into Southeast Asia easier. Founded by Mark Skinner, former managing director of John Bell Pipeline, and Don Wang, who hails from Singapore. Scotsbridge aims to build upon existing trade links between Scotland and Southeast Asia, creating fresh export opportunities for businesses on both sides of the globe. The start-up, which has a strong focus on the oil and gas, banking and construction sectors. In this Scottish venture, they will assist clients with research, planning, and strategy before entering new markets. For example, such as providing advice to British firms on different customs, procurement and other legal procedures that are unique to each nation in southeast Asia.

North-East Entrepreneur Looks to Link Scotland, Asia in New Venture

Southeast Asia Business with ScotlandScottish Venture. Ever since the energy industry downturn caused by the fall in the oil price first took hold, businesses of all sizes have turned towards international expansion as a means of staying competitive, North-East Entrepreneur Looks to Link Scotland, Asia in New Venture Mark Skinner, managing director at Scotsbridge, a new Scottish venture, said in a company statement. in a marketplace where so many different firms are attempting to take the same path, it’s vital to have the right partners in place who can provide the necessary advice and guidance to ensure the move to new geographies is a productive and long-lasting affair.

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