Plant Sourcing Services Wholesale Thailand. Professional and reliable sourcing and supply of all kinds of plants and trees for garden designers, landscapers, architects and retail nurseries. If you are looking for quality plant material, from seedlings and tube stock to trees, shrubs, ground covers and water wise natives, we can help. We can also provide you with an agent service one-stop place to find, view and contact all Thai wholesale nursery suppliers. Our service is widely used by wholesale and retail nurseries, landscapers, importers and the professional landscape community around the world. We specialise in sourcing, selecting and transporting quality plants to our customers. We also work with well-known garden and landscape designers to provide ideas and tips.

Plant Sourcing Services

Sourcing plants, trees and flowers from ThailandWe source plants for our clients from a wide range of wholesale and specialist nurseries in Thailand. This gives us access to a far wider range of plants at differing sizes and better prices than you would be able to find via retail garden centres and web sites. A minimum order size and a a minimum sourcing fee applies to plant sourcing. We’re not an on line plant seller but more like personal shoppers in the plant world. And if you are familiar with the local customer service standard, we are sure you will value our prompt reply service. We also save you the time, trouble and expense of contacting or travelling around sourcing a plant here and a plant there. And Your plants arrive in a single delivery allowing them to be planted out all in one go.

Plant, Tree and Flower Wholesale Sourcing Services (Video)

Please watch our short video to learn about our simple 5-step program for sourcing exotic and beautiful plants from Thailand. Please also visit our Landscaping Plants Thailand Export and Garden Tree Supply page for more information about landscaping plants and garden trees for export to your country. Please email us at contact (at) or use our Contact Us link above.