The Need for Boosting Adventure Tourism in Bangladesh. Menon for bolstering adventure tourism in Bangladesh. Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon has underscored the need for boosting adventure tourism in Bangladesh as 36% of the global tourists are now very much interested in adventurism. As 60% population of Bangladesh are youths, it is an urgent need for us to bolster adventure based tourism to attract more tourists. “As adventure tourism is experiencing an unprecedented growth globally, our neighbouring countries like Nepal and Maldives are earning a huge amount of revenue by offering this tourism,” said Menon. According to tourism expert, Bangladesh has huge opportunity in adventure tourism if the government can arrange mountaineering, rafting, rippling, paragliding, parachuting, hiking and trekking.

Menon for bolstering adventure tourism in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers tourists trekking in Chittagong Hill Tracks (CHT) and enjoyment of rivers and rill crossing throughout the world’s largest mangrove forest the Sunderbans. Learn more here: Menon for bolstering adventure tourism in Bangladesh. Adventure travel in Bangladesh is very popular. With its diverse and expansive landscape, amazing wildlife and rich cultural heritage, there are many adventures just waiting to be enjoyed in this beautiful country.

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