Minimising Food Waste – Start a Worm Farm Business. How much food do you waste? This is a story about minimizing food waste. Before you decide whether you’ll bother reading it, consider these facts: Food wastage is the biggest pollution issue on the planet, bigger than cars and industry. If food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. The average Australian throws away one in five grocery bags of food each week – that’s around $1000 of food thrown in the bin every year. Global food waste is a massive social, economic and environmental problem that can’t simply be put back on large businesses to fix, it needs every individual and individual business to work together to resolve it.

How much food do you waste?

organic-waste-recycling-from-grocery-storesBusinesses are becoming more proactive in dealing with waste with methods like composting and worm farms. Learn more here How much food do you waste?. Mesa Verde in Melbourne’s CBD is a rooftop restaurant with its own worm farm, and grows a lot of its own herbs, chillis, etc on site using the castings (worm poo) produced. Visit our many links below and learn more about worm farming. The most important message to share with our readers is “Food isn’t garbage and it belongs in the green bin” or in a worm bin. Many people believe that food will simply decompose naturally once in a landfill and are unaware of the negative effects decomposing food has on the environment.

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