Local Listings of SME Organizations in Asia and Worldwide. The international local listings is provided solely as a source for finding individual organizations; it is not a complete local business listing like a local phone book, nor do we have plans to develop such a comprehensive resource. However, where possible we have provided links to SME or micro business-related organizations to provide further information for that specific area. ASEAN and Asia Online Business Websites We are a specialized B2B website for micro, small and medium-sized companies wishing to promote their products and services in Asian countries and all nations globally. This local listing service is intended for SME related Organisations and entrepreneur support groups and business meetups, etc.

Asia Business Directory and Website Listing

Asia and ASEAN Website Local Listings

The organizations of SME’s local business listings are presented as a single global listing as well as divided into a few different geographical sub-listings. ASEAN and Asia Online Business Directory Please feel welcome to contact us to include your organization in the local listing, or to notify us of any changes. Your websites admin or webmasters may now register and login to our site and fill out the standard forms to create a new and unique business listing in Asia and ASEAN – the new ASEAN Community, called AEC in short form.

Local Listings of the SME World

Directories of the SME WorldThe World SME Directory, provided by ISSME International society for Small and Medium Enterprises, is meant to promote international cooperation and information sharing in the SME sector among development organizations, academic, research institutions, banks & financial institutions, industry associations, governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, enterprise incubators, private companies and small business development centres.

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