Joern @ Chatuchak (also sometimes called Jatujak or J.J. Market). Chatuchak district is one of Bangkok’s most livable neighborhoods. I should know, because I have lived here for nearly 25 years. The area is mostly known for the Chatuchak Weekend Market and the Chatuchak Park both from which the district has been named. Chatuchak is also the area where the large bus station Morchit (i.e. Mo Chit) is located, with buses leaving hourly for all destinations in the North and North East of Thailand. Chatuchak is also presently the end station for the BTS skytrain station called Mo Chit. This station also connects with MRT Chatuchak Station (the subway).

Chatuchak District Information by Joern in 2016

Chatuchak District InformationIf you are searching for information online about Chatuchak and its offerings, you will find plenty of great information. During the past many years, very good information has been written by hundreds of websites and blogs and so many video clips has been uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites, that it is very difficult to get through all the information. Unfortunately, there isn’t one site covering all the information and have an updated Chatuchak Guide with most important shopping information and lifestyle malls. And of course much information on the internet is not longer valid. Things change fast here and often visitors and locals alike can’t get updated information about what is going on. Even myself, I constantly find new information about stuff I wasn’t aware of. So I think I am going to start to write about the latest available news about my surroundings.

Joern @ Chatuchak

Chatuchak Clock Tower And the Weekend MarketThat’s why I call this section “Joern @ Chatuchak” – I am simply going to list everything that’s possible to find here in my “home town”. I am not talking about mentioning single shops or new restaurants or hotel buffet offerings (that would be quite impossible). But I will give you a a complete overview (with maps and images) about everything available for visitors and locals too. And the best thing is, that you will be able to contact me for information or advice. Today is July 12th 2016 and I am just getting warmed up … so stay tuned. I have had the ideas for this section for a long time, but we are running a few other sites and an Asean Pages Forum ( so there are always many updates and new information to take care of.

Joern @ Chatuchak – Just Funny Small Stories

Chatuchak Plant and Flower MarketLet me give you an example about what I am going to tell you about. Approximately 3 months ago, I met a foreigner from Europe running around with a confused look on his face and frantically looking through a stack of papers and maps he had downloaded from the internet. He wanted to find the plant and flower market at Chatuchak. He insisted that his information was correct, he just couldn’t find the actual plant market. So I had to tell him that at the location he was looking for, the Government had already built a new facility for the railways of Thailand. He refused to believe me, so I could only give him direction to the new location for the flower and plant market. He actually said that I was wrong and showed me his maps again. Half an hour later I found him at the plant market I had directed him to.

Joern @ Chatuchak – Just Giving Small Details

Chatuchak Flower and Plant Market (Weekly)And at the same subject. Recently I have decided to learn how to grow vegetables on the balconies of our condominium. (Actually, my wife has decided for me that I need to learn how to grow them … Women!). So I found out that one day per week there is a special Chatuchak Night Plant Market. However, all the information I found on the internet was conflicting. Some information said the market was on Thursdays, other said it was on Wednesdays, even the Tourism Authorities got the information wrong, or at least not updated. Because it turned out that it was actually held both on Wednesdays and Thursdays (plus on Tuesdays too) And actually also not in the evening. More about this later – just this to give you an ideas how difficult it can be to find reliable information on the internet. Life is a constant change right? My age is changing too. I will be 64 end of this year. Next year I will retire, so quickly, get as much information out of me as you can!