Impact Entrepreneurship in Africa. Crowd-farming, Waste, Drones, Affordable Housing, and Automobiles. Africa’s new and emerging generation of millionaires is not just excited about money. They’re also passionate about impact; they want to create value that touches and improves people’s lives. It’s called impact entrepreneurship. It’s the new way of making money and doing good, at the same time. It’s a model that is proving that profit and ambition do not always have to come at another’s expense. Africa is a continent overwhelmed by serious problems, from unemployment and illiteracy to hunger and inadequate electricity. Most of these problems are tough, widespread and decades old. But while they are scary and frustrating to most people, entrepreneurs see them for the breathtaking opportunities they really are.

Impact Entrepreneurship

Impact-Entrepreneurs-in-Africa TodayImpact entrepreneurs are inspired to direct their entrepreneurial energy and skill to make a difference, help a group in society, right a wrong or turn around an injustice. Impact entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to disrupt the status quo. Doing their bit to push the world forward is what gets them out of bed in the morning. They believe in creating businesses that are more ethical and transparent, dislodging the dinosaurs that give the consumer a bad deal. They believe in starting businesses that make people’s lives easier, removing unnecessary complexity. Simply put, they don’t believe in selling — they believe in solving problems. Read this article from Africa


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