Hong Kong was a once-flourishing manufacturing hub, one of the Four Asian Tigers — along with South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore — thanks to the booming textile and light manufacturing industries. But the city’s rising rents and labor costs prompted many factories to move north to China in the 1980s. While Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry may not be as vibrant as it was a few decades ago, Poon believes that Made in Hong Kong products will have a crucial role in the city’s economic transformation.

Hong Kong’s small businesses anxious over ‘Made in China’ policy

Hong Kong Small Business NewsjpgHong Kong’s small businesses news. Inside a factory in Hong Kong’s bustling Lai Chi Kok district, dozens of workers place multiple layers of nonwoven fabric into machines, where they are compressed, cut into rectangles, and attached to earloops. From there, the face masks undergo quality control before they are sterilized, bundled, and boxed for shipment. Hong-Kong’s small businesses anxious over Made in China policy

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