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As marketing automation gains popularity many companies are expanding their use of email campaigns. Spammers, unfortunately, are also expanding their use of spam. In 2017, spam comprised an estimated 84 percent of all email traffic.

As a result, email providers and readers have raised the standards for what content makes it into the inbox and stays there. Even if you aren’t trying to send spam (which we’ll assume you aren’t), many of your targeted messages could be filtered out of inboxes before prospects get a first impression.

In addition to choosing the best marketing automation software for managing campaigns and tracking engagement, businesses need to identify the points of liability that cause well-intended messages to be flagged.

There are a lot of places where a perfectly harmless email can go wrong. That’s why most businesses with email campaigns rely on some kind of marketing automation software, which can analyze your emails, permissions, and authentication, and help you avoid these mistakes.