Asia Online Video Marketing Company. Learn about the best Asian online video marketing and and video distribution services that can help grow your Asia business. Online marketing videos are all over the Internet and it is the exciting. But how do you do it in a professional way that is worthwhile for your money and time spent? Online video has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ for Asian businesses of all types and sizes. It’s helping Asian businesses to improve their online performance by increasing conversion rates, user engagement and Google rankings. Developments in technology and online platforms means that this has also become an affordable option for many Asia businesses.

Asia Online Video Marketing and YouTube Video Marketing. When you read the news these days or search for information on Google, Bing or Yahoo, etc, you will often see a major focus on YouTube Marketing and all kind of firms will tell you of the importance of using their YouTube-focused service for you online video marketing program. This is totally a mistake. We agree that YouTube is important, but the myth that YouTube marketing is ‘easy’ and that by simply having your own channel to upload videos to will bring quick online success is far from the reality.

Asia Online Video Marketing and The YouTube truth is that over half of all videos have less than 500 views and only a third of 1% will achieve over one million views. Consider that over 300 hours of content is uploaded every minute and you have some perspective to the amount of videos floating around YouTube with very few views. We have uploaded hundreds of videos to YouTube already through the past year or more, so we have a number of rel-life case studies for you to study and learn from.

The Online Video Marketing Strategy in order to achieve success is, you must treat YouTube as only a single strand of your online marketing activities. Professionally produced video content is a hugely powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but remember there are many online channels and platforms; success will very rarely be attained by simply uploading your single home-made video to YouTube and hoping for the best.