Korean Franchise Association (KFA). Start to read the Tips to Do Business in South Korea guide for professionals. And get information about Jobs in South Korea and employment news. KFA will make every effort to support the South Korean service franchise industry and plan promotional strategies that will lead to economic growth, job creation, and creating added value. They will do their best to create legislation in regards to royalties for the Service franchise and prepare counter-measures to protect knowledge-based services. Please also come to visit our popular Franchise Opportunities in South Korea Blog Site with Videos, where you can Find, Offer or Search for more Franchise Information and Business Opportunities in South Korea.

South Korea Franchising Business

South Korea Franchising BusinessThere is no denying that the South Korean franchise industry has made a great contribution to the economic growth of Korea. The Korean franchise industry comprises 7.8% of the GDP and greatly contributes to job creation in Korea. As of 2011, they’re proud to announce that they’ve contributed to having 1,240,000 people working within the franchise industry. In South Korea, the Food Service industry accounts for 67% of the franchise market while, 20% is held by the Service industry and the remaining 13% by the Wholesale and Retail industry. It is clear to the Korea Franchise Association that the food industry is dominating the franchise market by an unnecessarily excessive amount. The Korean government needs to somehow keep the franchise industry in check, in order to rectify the situation at hand in which the Food Service industry startups are creating an environment unfit for socioeconomic growth. The excess of Food Service startups is causing unnecessary competition and exorbitant consumer spending.

South Korea Franchising Opportunity Today

South Korea Franchising Opportunity TodayFood franchises galvanize Korean M&A market. Several food and coffee franchises in South Korea have been put up for sale this year, giving the sluggish local mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market a shot in the arm, industry watchers said Monday. Early this year, South Korea’s leading buyout fund VIG Partners sold the local chain of Burger King to a Hong Kong-based private equity fund, heralding the start of M&A activity in the local food franchise sector. In the latest case, Hollys F&B, which operates Hollys Coffee Co., is pushing to sell the South Korean coffee shop chain, drawing interest from several foreign investors.