Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion Taiwan. Start to read the Tips to Do Business in Taiwan guide for professionals. And get information about Jobs in Taiwan and employment news. This association is the largest and most experienced chain and franchise promotion organization in Taiwan. Currently they have over 300 members in more than 180 franchise sectors, operating more than 100,000 units with over one million employees, generating up to NT$800 billion annually. Our members play a pivotal role behind Taiwan’s economic growth and job opportunities. Please also come to visit our popular Franchise Opportunities in Taiwan Blog Site with Videos, where you can Find, Offer or Search for more Franchise Information and Business Opportunities in Taiwan.

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Taiwan Franchising Opportunity TodayOrigin: Over 90% of Taiwan’s economy is composed of mostly small and medium business companies. A large portion of these companies makes up Taiwan’s chain and franchise industry. This industry is fueled by constant innovation along with family spirit that makes Taiwan one of the world’s most dense chain and franchise market with over 2000 different brands. On December 18, 1995, the “Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan” was founded and Mr. Lee Ching-chin was elected as Chairman, officially bringing the franchise service into a new milestone. Purpose: With experience from the past and moving into the future, Taiwan chain and franchise brands have established a successful business model as well as a well-built industrial foundation. Based on the current success and experiences, the association wishes to provide improved support to the growth of chain and franchise industry. It is their intention to enhance the business ability of their members and to enhance the future development power of Taiwan’s economy.

Taiwan Franchising Business

Taiwan Franchising BusinessTaipei Venture Franchise Expo was a 4 day event held from 10th June to the 13th June 2016 at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan. This event showcased products like vending machines, application software, beverages, raw materials, cosmetic, to that of the financial institution based products and services associated with this field etc. in the Industrial Products, Business Services industries. The franchising industries in Taiwan are moving towards internationalization and globalization. “2016 Taipei Venture Franchise Exhibition” is the most representative franchise expo in Taiwan. Currently, there are about 2,050 franchising headquarters and more than 80,000 chain stores in Taiwan, and the density is the highest in the world. The number is expected to grow up since economic status is blooming.

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