Franchise in Asia Information and News. The Franchising & Licensing Asia (FLAsia) is an international trade event dedicated to igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship and globalization through franchising and licensing. It is a significant channel for introducing new business concepts into Asia and a springboard for budding local and regional companies to expand beyond their own shores. FLAsia was first launched in 2006 by Franchising & Licensing Association (FLA) Singapore. FLAsia continues to serve as a platform for brand owners to showcase business concepts, penetrate new markets and expand their global footprint with both franchising and licensing as key business expansion models.

Franchise in Asia and Franchising Information

franchise-in-asia-and-franchising-informationThe Asia-Pacific Franchise Confederation (APFC)  is an amicable, non-political association of National Franchise Associations around Asia Pacific region. It was formed on 24th  September 1998. The objectives of the APFC are to provide a forum with properly constituted National Franchise Associations in the Asia Pacific region where they can share experience, information and technical “know-how” on franchising, including the establishment of better communication channels among members. It is also to encourage further development of properly constituted National Franchise Associations in all countries within the Asia Pacific region in order to strengthen the industry networking regionally and to present regional information in franchising and the common views of National Franchise Associations within the region to international bodies, like World Franchise Council.

Asia Franchise and Business Opportunities Information

asia-franchise-and-business-opportunities-informationAsia Branding & Franchising Association started at June 18, 2014, founded initially by a group of entrepreneurial success and keen to serve the community comprised of successful entrepreneurs. Combined with those interested in branding and franchising development of enterprises and entrepreneurs, we provide a platform to their experience and industry information. With our successful branding and franchising members, we can effectively assist our members’ brand to leap onto the world stage.

Asia Franchise and Business Opportunities Magazine. Regular features  in this quarterly publication include: Cover Story (of a successful franchise, its founder, etc)- Business Insights (e.g. how to increase  your sales per square meter)- Special Features (on new or interesting franchises) – Franchising (regular franchising-related / legal articles) – News Station (current franchising news, exhibition previews /reviews, etc).

Profile of Readers. Age: 25 – 65. Status: Mainly CEOs, managers and professionals, top executives in business development, operators of restaurant, retail outlets, schools, fashion boutiques, etc. Lifestyle: Frequent travellers; entertain at least once a week, buy gifts for clients, spouse and self. Income: At least US$100,000 per annum. Education Level: Chinese and/or English literate. Psychometric Profile: Desire to own a business; intends to diversify into other industries; wants to broaden business knowledge; keen to know what competitors are doing.

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Asia Franchise Links