Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities (TFBO) 2019 took place in Bangkok in July. Start to read the Tips to Do Business in Thailand guide for professionals. And get information about Jobs in Thailand and employment news. TFBO 2019 is the Biggest International Franchise & Business Show in the ASEAN, one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world with well over 650 million population. Today, Thailand has the largest number of international brands in ASEAN, more than 100 franchisors at present with over 10,000 outlets. As gateway in ASEAN, TFBO 2019 is the BEST platform for international franchisors wishing to expand business meet face-to-face to proven franchise opportunities in Thailand and ASEAN, Please also come to visit our popular Franchise Opportunities in Thailand Blog Site with Videos, where you can Find, Offer or Search for more Franchise Information and Business Opportunities in Thailand.

Thailand Franchising Opportunity Today

Thailand Franchising Opportunity TodayThailand Franchise & Business Opportunities 2020 aims to provide a platform for franchisors and licence holders from around the world to connect with potential investors. A wide range of seminars and workshops will be held over the course of the four-day event and there will also be a business matching service to help potential franchisees connect with the right opportunity for them. The event will attract exhibitors and industry professionals from around the world with Thailand’s economy and business environment currently considered to be favorable to franchising. In fact, there are more international franchise brands (more than 60 brands and 8,000 outlets) located in Thailand than in any of the ten other ASEAN countries.

Thailand Franchising Business

Thailand Franchising BusinessFranchise and License Association (Thailand), known as FLA (Thailand) was founded in February 2010 by a group of volunteer franchisors and licensors who strongly had commitment in developing, promoting and supporting franchisees, franchisors, licensors suppliers as well as franchising & licensing business alliances throughout Thailand and planetary. The Thailand Franchise and License Association Committee and Board of Directors of FLA (Thailand) are striving to support and serve all franchisees, franchisors, licensees, licensors, entrepreneurs and professionals who commit and pave the way of doing franchise and license business.

Thai Franchise Association (TFA). Their mission is to provide knowledge about business franchises to the public. With the objective to guide people interested to become business owners by the franchising access, a one-day event of Franchise Guide 2014: Guiding toward Richness via Franchises was held in May 2014. Highlights of the day included Franchise Guide Seminar, Franchise Show Cases, and Business Matching.  Thai Franchise Association website is in Thai language only.

Last year, analysts are warning the trouble-plagued Thai franchise industry is still not prepared for international competition once regional economic integration kicks off late next year. “Our franchisees are actually less prepared today for international competition and trade liberalization, as they remain weak in several areas such as law, accounting and professional business administration,” said Sawad Mitaree, chairman of the Franchise & License Association. Thai franchises have been active over the past 10 years and now comprise 11 key business sectors including food, spas, education, and other services.

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