Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence was created to help people like you find independent information and research on franchise best practice. Several years back it came to their attention that a lot of information available on franchising on the internet was mostly PR material issued by franchises to help recruit franchisees. It didn’t really provide much assistance to people wanting to gain a better understanding of franchising – whether to buy a franchise or to franchise their business. Who is APCFE? Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence aims to drive franchise sector best practice through practical, independent research and education.

Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence (APCFE)

asia-pacific-centre-for-franchising-excellence-apcfeAPCFE. At the same time Griffith University had been researching franchising for more than a decade, yet most of the research findings were mainly published in academic journals, which are mostly read by other academics and university students, rather than by the people that can use the information the most – franchisors, franchisees, head office and support industry professionals. So, Griffith University decided to launch the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence in 2008, to make this wealth of independent information and knowledge more widely available. Since launch, the Centre has been led by one of the world’s leading and most highly respected franchise researchers Professor Lorelle Frazer, who also holds the position of Dean (Learning and Teaching) at the Griffith Business School.

Asia Franchise and Business Opportunities

asia-franchise-and-business-opportunitiesMost large U.S. and many European franchise systems has already expanded into the region. But local Asian companies have long time ago also started with the franchising business and are growing throughout the region. One needs only look at the several Asia franchise directories and business opportunity magazines to see how quickly local franchise companies have grown.
Asia Franchise Business Opportunities Asia Franchise Opportunities
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