Iraq Small Business Ideas, Opportunities, and SME Organizations. Find the best tips in our Doing Business in Iraq Guide. And get information about Franchising Opportunities in Iraq and the Middle East and local industry news starting here. Association of Women Entrepreneurs Iraq. (AWE) is a non-governmental association working with women and children, while also seeking to develop Iraqi heritage and handicraft. It supports small women’s projects through training and skills improvement activities. The association has participated in many conferences and workshops inside and outside Iraq, most significantly: the International Woman Meeting in South Korea and the International Women Forum for business in London. It has organized a number of workshops and vocational and handicraft training courses for Iraqi women.

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Iraq Small Business Ideas and Opportunities for Women and MenIraq Small Business Online Directory and Company Index. People in Iraq and around the world are daily searching the internet to find trusted and reliable business contacts. One way Iraqi SME and local small businesses can get found is by listing in the best free online company directories. Adding your Iraq local business listing to these online directories is easy. But if you only list in a few of them, you’re really losing out a huge opportunity to get found online. A listing in the Iraq Online Small Business Directory is therefore very much recommended. Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 Asia. Forbes Asia Magazine has selected the top promising young leaders, daring entrepreneurs and game changers and Asian startups: Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 Asia. Follow the link to find the categorized full list of the three hundred (300) talented and recognized individuals from Asia.

Iraqi Project Empowering Women

Baghdad Women’s Association (BWA), IraqBaghdad Women’s Association (BWA). Independent, non-governmental association – aiming to “promote its members intellectually and socially and activate their role in decision-making positions”. The association participates in conferences and workshops inside and outside Iraq, particularly human rights and women’s rights meetings. It has launched a number of projects including a project empowering women in the process of establishing peace and democracy and solving conflicts, as well as projects promoting women’s role in national reconciliation.

Iraq small business informationIraq Small Business – Country Information
Iraq’s abundant natural resources, strategic geographic location and cultural history endow Iraq with tremendous potential for growth and diverse economic development. Driven by windfall oil revenues in recent years, the Government of Iraq has invested heavily in rebuilding the infrastructure of the country, and its abundant oil reserves ensure that progress can continue steadily.

  • Full Name: Republic of Iraq
  • Population: 40.2 Million
  • Capital: Baghdad, 7.144 Million.
  • Major Cities: Baghdad, Basra, Nineveh, Arbīl.
  • Area: 438,317 sq km (169,235 sq miles).
  • Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic.
  • Major Religion: Islam.
  • Major Language: Arabic, Kurdish.
  • Currency: Iraqi Dinar.
  • Internet Domain: .iq.
  • International Dialing Code: +964.

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