Asian SME Entrepreneurs (Women and Youth). Asian women who start businesses tend to know fewer entrepreneurs than men. In other words, men have more social connections that enable them to access business opportunities, information, and contacts than do women. In this way, Asian women are disadvantaged from the start, having fewer professional connections, role models, and mentorship opportunities, which can adversely affect their businesses in the long run. The value of business women’s connectivity is reinforced by the importance of role models for entrepreneurs. Seventy-six percent of Asian female owners and 75 percent of Asian male owners reported having at least one relative who ran their own business. For women business owners, having a female relative in business, in particular, was found to be a big boost for the likelihood to go into business. Continue reading here, the page about Asia SME Entrepreneurship, Youth and Women for more interesting Asian small business related information.

Asian SME Entrepreneurs – Women Employment

Asian SME Entrepreneurs – Women EmploymentThe impact of female role models on Asian businesswomen may help normalize or mitigate social pressures and family obligations which might otherwise deter women from starting a business in the first place. Women business owners may themselves also become role models for their female employees. Asian women business owners hired 17 percent more women employees than did men business owners. One businesswoman interviewed in a developing country in Asia, who worked in handicrafts said she regularly hired women from the squatter areas surrounding her production locale, explaining that she was happy to learn that these women were now more self-reliant and no longer had to depend solely on their husbands for income. To further enhance these opportunities, Asian governments and regional bodies such as APEC can work to build the capacity of business associations and networks to reach out to women-owned firms to help them engage more effectively at the local, national, and regional levels.

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asia-young-sme-entrepreneurs-women-and-menAs a young (or old) entrepreneur in Asia (male or female), you have the advantage of the fact that Asian countries are among the fastest growing economies in the world. All major multinationals in the West, from Apple to GE, or from IBM to Microsoft, have significant business interests in Asia. However, our focus here is on small business ideas or small entrepreneurship. Our intention is to inform and motivate young entrepreneurs in emerging countries, and we hope this initiative helps, in its own small way.

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