Mongolian Entrepreneur Association. MEA is a national non-governmental organization work for entrepreneurship and SME development. The MEA program is focused on 3 strategic areas including business consulting service and follow up center for young entrepreneurs, exchange and networking. The Mongolian Entrepreneur Association was founded by own initiative of young people who runs business. MEA carries out its activity on purpose of combating an unemployment and poverty of young people and supporting the their business development by efficient programs and projects. Within the framework of law, they support youths who interested start and run business, to help in expanding the market opportunity of products and services, strength competing ability in business world, improving quality and productivity, to provide Mongolian entrepreneur business mentoring and relevant useful information.

Mongolia Small Business Online Directory

Mongolia Small Business Online Directory and Company Index. People in Mongolia and around the world are daily searching the internet to find trusted and reliable business contacts. One way Mongolian SME and local small businesses can get found is by listing in the best free online company directories. Adding your Maldives local business listing to these online directories is easy. But if you only list in a few of them, you’re really loosing out a huge opportunity to get found online. A listing in the Mongolia Asia Online Small Business Directory is therefore very much recommended.

The Women Entrepreneurs Union of the Mongolian National Chambers of Commerce and Industry focuses on increasing the value of entrepreneurs under the leadership of women as well as supporting their operational scopes in terms of providing lots of professional advisory recommendations on future workplaces for the students and youth of Mongolia.

Women and Agriculture in Mongolia. Almost half of Mongolia’s rural population is poor and vulnerable because agricultural incomes are low and unstable and rural income opportunities are limited. Rural women traders and their cooperatives, together with wholesale purchasers and trading intermediaries, are the drivers of local economies. Women remain at the bottom of the agricultural raw materials supply chain.

Video from Mongolia about a Woman Entrepreneur. A micro-finance system aimed at the poor in particular is helping the far flung rural areas to develop by increasing business opportunities. Oyunbileg repairs shoes for a living in her small workshop in southern Mongolia. The money she earns is enough to support her four children and herself and even send her oldest daughter to university far away in the capital.

By Joern Nielsen