Maldives Small Business and Businessmen. Most entrepreneurs in the Maldives operate their businesses as sole owners, and they manage the businesses themselves. A very few numbers have private limited liability companies with a small number of shareholders; however, even these enterprises are managed by the owners rather than professional managers. Maldives belongs to a special category of countries called “Small Island Economies” of which a large number are dependent primarily on tourism and or a narrow range of products or service range. Among the major disadvantages are restricted comparative advantages, high transport costs, limited natural resources and labor markets with deficiencies in professional and institutional knowledge and experience.

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Maldives Culture, Maldives Business EntrepreneurshipBusinessmen in the Maldives are not clad in suits and ties, rather, most wear cotton sarongs that are constantly hiked up above the knees and then lowered to the ground. Very few men wear sports pants, but no one wears socks. All have a variety of flip-flops on their feet. A look into their glass hazel eyes reveals tenderness tempered by the sea. These people are one with nature and they emit warm personalities. One local researcher and businessman has said: It is a traditional perception that if women will run business, that business will not grow. The women entrepreneurs are carrying on their businesses for many years but their businesses are not visible. But today, this traditional thinking has to be changed. People started accepting their work. The women entrepreneurs are of much importance for the national economy, and ignoring their work will be unfair. They make half our total population and without upgrading their entrepreneurship will not lead to economic growth.

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