Bhutan Association of Women’s Entrepreneurship. BAOWE is a non-government and non-profit organization, registered under the CSO Act 2007 of Bhutan. It has been established by a group of women entrepreneurs to bring all Bhutanese businesswomen onto a common platform to nurture, facilitate, empower and promote women’s knowledge and skills for business in its truest sense. BAOWE will work to ensure the development of women’s capacity and related support services to enable women entrepreneurs to conduct profitable businesses and increase their self-worth, independence, and autonomy. BAOWE will create a vibrant business environment for Bhutan women entrepreneurs, involving a broad partnership of actors, enablers, contributors, and innovators to open opportunities for women and men with a special focus on the poor, disadvantaged, disabled and marginalized.

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Video – Dechhen Pelden is a Bhutanese Entrepreneur and Managing Partner of Chiharu Tshongdel. She was educated in India and in the U.S.A. and returned to Bhutan to run the family business of exporting Bhutanese Red Rice and is currently working on expanding into new markets and diversifying the business.

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