North Korea Entrepreneurs and Small Business. The country is considered a communist state. Officially they label themselves as a Juche Korean-style Socialist Republic. It means that a single party has governmental power, restricting the actions of citizens. Officially the concept of  “entrepreneurship” is a theme that is not suitable for North Koreans as it is a socialist economy. But North Korea has also rich people? Who are they then? Over the last decade, a relatively powerful private economy has developed in North Korea. North Koreans did not merely learn how to trade privately, they now produce privately as well. Some of the “entrepreneurs” are high-level officials who have gained their wealth through illegal means, but many have seen their business activities permitted and even actively encouraged by the government.

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North Korea Business, Women Market EntrepreneursIn North Korea’s cities, markets have popped up, where especially the women earn extra  family income. While men often work for state enterprises, some three-quarters of the market vendors today are women. If you visit a North Korean open market, for example, you’ll find traditional barter has given way to cash-based deals.

Smuggling to and from neighboring China is also a big entrepreneurial activity. Everything from food to household articles, cellphones, computers, and fridges can all be found in the black market in North Korea. Even some of the newly-rich own cars. North Korea specialist Andrei Lankov wrote an interesting article called: The secret world of North Korea’s new rich. Lankov is an associate professor at Kookmin University in Seoul and an adjunct research fellow at the Australian National University.

Video North Korea Business Education. Geoffrey See is the founder of Choson Exchange, an organization based in Singapore that works to improve the business knowledge of young professionals in North Korea who are between the ages of 20 and 40.

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