China Small Business Ideas, Opportunities, and SME Organizations. Find the best tips in our Doing Business in China Guide. And get information about Franchising Opportunities in China and local industry news starting here. Chinese Entrepreneur Association (CEA). It is a non-profit corporation comprised of Christian scientists, businessmen, and professional people whose vision is to develop godly business leaders who will use their professions as platforms to enrich the lives of the people in China. CEA was formed in 1999 by senior men in the East Coast Chinese Churches to respond to the many young scholars from mainland China who were becoming Christians through the Chinese churches. After getting their Ph.D.’s from American universities, many of these new Christians chose to start their own companies instead of stay in teaching or work as research scientists (often in Bio-Tech). Thus, CEA China Entrepreneur Association was formed to help young entrepreneurs run their companies with a “Kingdom” focus.

China Small Business Online Directory

53 Cool Young Chinese Entrepreneurs under 30China Small Business Online Directory and Company Index. People in China and around the world are daily searching the internet to find trusted and reliable business contacts. One way Chinese SME and local small businesses can get found is by listing in the best free online company directories. Adding your China local business listing to these online directories is easy. But if you only list in a few of them, you’re really loosing out a huge opportunity to get found online. A listing in the China Online Small Business Directory is therefore very much recommended. Cool Young Chinese Entrepreneurs under 30. Forbes Asia Magazine has selected the top promising young leaders, daring entrepreneurs and game changers and Asian startups: Cool Young Chinese Entrepreneurs under 30. Follow the link to find the categorized full list of the talented and recognized individuals from China.

Chinese Business Organization for Women

China Small Business, China Association of Women Entrepreneurs (CAWE)The China Association of Women Entrepreneurs (CAWE). It is an organization founded in 1985 to advocate and foster greater involvement of women in business. The purpose of CAWE is to serve women entrepreneurs wholeheartedly. China Association of Women Entrepreneurs places great importance on the needs of women entrepreneurs serves as a bridge between female entrepreneurs and the government and between the women entrepreneurs and women from all walks of life.

China Small Business Video. Green Business Option (GBO) in China has been implemented by the ILO Green Jobs in Asia and the Pacific Region. This is a training program aiming to enable potential entrepreneurs, particularly youth, to develop sustainable business ideas and micro and small-scale startups, highlighting the green business opportunities engaged from defining solutions to unprecedented environmental challenges such as climate change.

China Small Business – Country Information

  • China Small Business Entrepreneurs Chinese SME EntrepreneurshipFull Name: The People’s Republic of China (PRC)
  • The form of Government: Single Party “Socialist” Republic
  • Population: 1.439 billion
  • Capital: Beijing, 20.463 million (Metro area)
  • Largest Cities: Chongqing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • Major Religions: Folk Religions, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity
  • Area: 9.6 million sq km (3.7 million sq miles)
  • Major Languages: Mandarin Chinese (Official), Shanghai, Canton Dialects
  • Life Expectancy: Men 74 Years, Women 77 Years
  • Monetary Unit: Renminbi (Yuan)
  • Main Exports: Manufactured goods, including textiles, garments, electronics, arms
  • GDP: Per Capita PPP: US$ 10,839 (Wikipedia 2020)
  • Internet Domain: .cn
  • International Dialing Code: +86

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