Asia Small Business (Micro & SME). Entrepreneurship in Asia For Start-Ups and Women. Do Asian governments think that SME entrepreneurship is important?  If yes, they must actively promote it through their policies. They must also support education for Young Entrepreneurs. And most important, they must make finance available to start businesses, especially for Women Entrepreneur. In other Asian cultures, the South Korean start-up culture is spreading a message that has long been a problem here: It’s OK to fail. Part of the SME entrepreneur challenge in South Korea is tackling the situation of business failure. Working in a safe, prestigious job for a large corporation. Or for the government has long been considered a desirable career route. Continue reading Asian Women SMEs and Youth Entrepreneurs for more interesting Asian small business information.

Asia Small Business Entrepreneurs in India & China

Small Business Entrepreneurs in India and ChinaChinese entrepreneurs have been the key drivers of growth since the 1990s. They are the creators of firms that are forming an innovative and dynamic private sector. This is very important for any developing country. And a healthy attitude to risk and an inclination to work hard are all traits associated with entrepreneurs in China. Indian entrepreneurship is still evolving. Most are still small business owners who are risk-averse and operate traditional family businesses. Most middle-class families will still view entrepreneurship as risky. They prefer a well-paying job. The upper-class, however, would view an entrepreneur with greater respect.

Asia Small Business (Micro & SME) Support

asia-small-business-micro-sme-supportEnterprise Asia is a non-governmental organization in pursuit of entrepreneurship development across the region. Enterprise Asia strives to promote fair and equal opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The organization is supported by a panel of prominent industry and government leaders. They truly believe in the mission of championing entrepreneurship in Asia.

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