Entrepreneur students prefer “how-to” storytelling about the startup process. What to Teach When You are Teaching Entrepreneurship. (By Scott Shane – Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies). A couple of weeks ago, I started teaching my fall semester entrepreneurship classes. Even though this is my 26th year teaching the topic, I was confronted once again with the question of what to teach. For me, this isn’t the oft mentioned debate of whether entrepreneurship can be taught at all. As someone who has conducted research on the genetic roots of entrepreneurial behavior, I know that there is an innate component to entrepreneurship. But I also know that even when people are born with a gift for something — whether that is for a sport, playing a musical instrument, managing people or identifying new business opportunities — those people still need coaching.

What to Teach When You are Teaching Entrepreneurship

what-to-teach-when-you-are-teaching-entrepreneurshipThe dilemma I face is to which students do I target the class? Sure, all educators are faced with the problem of teaching to students of varying abilities. But when teaching, a professor faces another source of student variance — the motivation for taking the class. Read more about this here: What to Teach When You are Teaching Entrepreneurship. A small number of students take entrepreneurship classes because they are starting a new company right then and there. A larger number of students take the courses to learn about the subject matter for the future. Return to our Small Business Blog main page to find more regions and posts about entrepreneurs and small business in Asia and around the world.

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