Entrepreneur coaching not just for young startups. Entrepreneur coaching does not only benefit companies in the early stages of operations, but can also help those which have been in operations for more than 10 years. Today, there are so many programmes for startups. However, what happens after these startups ‘graduate’? There seems to be a perception that once a startup secures its first customer, or launches its product, it is miraculously expected to know how to run a business. But why would a company, which has survived 10 years of challenges, still need coaching? Would you like to read more about this subject – please go to original content – See more at: Entrepreneur coaching not just for young startups. Companies that have been established for several years, even with a global presence, may face what is called the ‘Ceiling of Stagnation,’ where its revenue or profit growth becomes flattish.

Entrepreneur Magazine Launches Special Coaching Program

entrepreneur-magazine-launches-special-coaching-programEntrepreneur Media has announced a new initiative, Entrepreneur Coaching, to connect business people at all experience levels with experts’ insights. The project is a collaboration between the company and Professional Education Institute, an organization that creates interactive education programs. The project launches with a Livestream event, 15 Secrets to Being a Disruptive Entrepreneur. “Entrepreneur Coaching will provide new or experienced entrepreneurs with the tools they need to be successful,” adds Mike Hussey, president of PEI. Entrepreneurship demands a strong command of a broad number of skills and knowledge bases,” adds Entrepreneur Media’s president Ryan Shea. “Leaders can be masters in one area but lack experience in another, and in areas like sales and marketing, best practices are often rapidly changing.”

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