Dark Web Conference 2016 in New York City, USA. First major Dark Web Conference Premieres in New York City. This event called Inside Dark Web is a conference where companies, law enforcement agencies, Wall St and financial firms, and developers/engineers can explore the far-reaching security aspects and opportunities spawned by the Dark Web. There is no more important topic for enterprises and government agencies than cybersecurity. The role played by the darknet must be explored says the organizers. Experts from government, finance, law enforcement and cyber security has been invited to speak at the conference.

Inside Dark Web Conference 2016

TMC and 3DR Holdings, LLC announced mid March 2016 the launch of the first Inside Dark Web conference, and has been accepting speaking proposals until recently. The one-day event will be held May 12, 2016 in New York City. Experts from government, the financial community, law enforcement and the cyber security arena will provide the background history, current utilization and future predictions about the fast growing yet misunderstood world of the Darknet. The event is hosted by two icons in the tech conference industry – TMC and Alan Meckler. Meckler and Rich Tehrani have joined forces to create this unique one-day experience.

Inside dark web conference 2016

Dark Web Conference Main Topics

Some of the Conference main topics will be: Techniques to find your stolen data. The TOR browser. How to best understand challenges and opportunities. Onion routing. Technical facts. Illegal usage vs legitimate uses. Future business applications. Visit their event website here Inside Dark Web Conference for more information. New York City, the world’s financial center, is the site of the first major Dark Web conference May 12, 2016 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage Special Events Hall in lower Manhattan.

Entrepreneurs, the Surface Web, Deep Web and the Dark Web. Entrepreneurs in 2016 need to understand and learn more about the Deep Web and the Dark Web because of its implications for businesses of all sizes.


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