Computer Vision – IT & Technology Buzzword 2020. In a definitive rundown of tech buzzword, 2020 is computer vision. Exciting and futuristic, the concept of computer vision is based on computing devices or programs gaining the ability to extract detailed information from visual images. In a computing context, ‘vision’ involves systems that can identify items, places, objects, or even humans from visuals mediums – images caught by a camera or sensor. Computer vision technology allows your smartphone camera, for instance, to decipher which element of the image it is capturing is a face, propelling technology such as Google Image Search to make decisions and deliver accurate results. No matter if you need to conduct quick online data analysis or gather enormous volumes of data, this technology will make a significant impact in the future.

Computer Vision Buzzword 2020

Computer Vision 2020While we’ve seen traces of this in 2019, it’s in 2020 that computer vision will make a significant mark in both the consumer and business world. At present, computer vision is helping to facilitate advanced face recognition, a practical application that will be used in a number of scenarios, from staff security to smart database access. Dubai airport currently uses computer vision-powered face recognition to provide a smoother customer journey, streamlining transitions through security, passport control, and departures while gathering essential consumer data that assist in the continual improvement of its services. Other potential applications of computer vision in 2020 include:

The Computer Vision in 2020Brand safety: When it comes to programmatic advertising, images play an important role in encouraging readers to engage. But, often, ads can become tarnished by irrelevant or offensive images or poor placement. However, with computer vision, businesses will be able to leverage technologies that can scan for and identify discrepancies and take action to protect their ads from potential harmful brand messaging.

Visual analytics: Around three million images are uploaded to social media every single day. For businesses looking to improve their consumer marketing communications, finding relevant images in real-time is a time-consuming venture. With computer vision technology, marketers will be able to program autonomous searches, sourcing images that will lead them to brand influencers, prospective partners, and valuable audience members with ease.

Internal comms: Computer vision technology can serve to improve internal communication by empowering employees to perform their tasks more visually, sharing image-based information that is often more digestible and engaging than text-based reports or information alone.

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