China Innovation and New Generation Of Entrepreneurs. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation is a gold mine that provides a constant source of creativity and wealth. After decades of running the economy by central command and control, China’s leaders are now eager to promote grassroots-level entrepreneurship. China is often perceived to be a breeding ground for business copycats and has struggled with rampant intellectual piracy. Many businesses have indeed been founded in China based on business models that originated in the U.S. or Europe. But what’s been overlooked in recent years is China’s rising “innovation machine,” particularly in the technology sector. China’s new generation of entrepreneurs, represented by Jack Ma, is making waves and increasingly competitive against Western counterparts. They also continue to leapfrog their Western peers in creating innovative business models. Chinese tech firms, once mostly known for their manufacturing prowess, are now challenging market leaders and setting trends in telecoms, mobile devices and online services.

The Rise of China’s Innovation Machine

the-rise-of-chinas-innovation-machineChina’s New Generation Of Entrepreneurs. Past generations of entrepreneurs set up manufacturing shops, churning out cheap shoes and apparel, the new generation of entrepreneurs are setting up shop in areas such as health care, electronics or online services. These days when speaking with some Chinese entrepreneurs, people are frequently struck by how often no equivalent business model exists yet in the West. For example, companies are developing e-commerce business models based on such things as residential communities or the selling and distributing of semiconductor chips online. Keeping better-known global competitors at bay in their massive home market, Chinese tech companies are hiring Silicon Valley executives and expanding overseas with aggressive marketing campaigns featuring international sports stars and celebrities.

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