Starting SME Business in the Middle East. How to start and develop a business in the Middle East for foreigners. The countries that make up the Middle East and North Africa have a combined population of more than 320 million and form an area of tremendous strategic and economic importance to the business world. Although doing business in the Middle East can present some unique challenges, many global companies have found a high source of demand for their goods and services in the region. When doing business in the Middle East, American businesses benefit greatly from basic knowledge of conditions in and customs of Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Doing Business in Middle East Guides

doing-business-in-middle-east-guidesMiddle East Business Culture Guides. Presenting a number of different guides for each country in the Middle East is to help provide insider insight into the region, and help Western audiences move past stereotypes of the Arab World. To anyone who has done business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, it is obvious that treating the region as a single bloc rather than a collection of very different Arab countries is a big mistake. Neglecting to understand regional and local politics and the role they might play in enterprise and investment can quickly become a big problem for business. The experience in the Middle East when you have to deal with the government is completely different than if you are opening a car dealership or a fast-food franchise.

Middle East Country Guides for Doing Business