Doing Business in Singapore Guides. ASEAN and AEC. Learn from the Singapore Small Business Ideas and Opportunities – a short guide for entrepreneurs. And get information about Singapore Franchise & Business Opportunities and other small business and SME entrepreneurship news. Singapore is celebrated for its ease of doing business and potential; indeed it’s now the world’s richest country per capita and still growing. One of the designated High Growth Markets and biggest international trading partner in South East Asia. Singapore increasingly serves as a hub for Southeast Asia across an extensive range of financial and business services. The services sector makes up over two-thirds of GDP share, dominated by financial and business services.

Doing Business in Singapore Guide

Singapore has been ranked #1 in the world for ease of doing business since 2003, when the World Bank Group began these rankings. Trade between the U.S. and Singapore has continued to increase, thanks to one of the most successful FTAs on record, reaching $47 billion in 2014. U.S. exports to Singapore dipped 0.6% to $30.53 billion and U.S. imports from Singapore fell by 7.7% to $16.46 billion. China was Singapore’s top source of imports, followed by Malaysia, United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, United Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Germany. Learn more from Singapore Business Guide provided by ExportGov from the US Government.