Technauto Security & Surveillance LLC

Technauto Security & Surveillance LLC
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Technauto Security & Surveillance LLC
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Security Surveillance and GPS tracking
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Technauto provides world-class Security and Surveillance Solutions in Dubai. We would counsel you regarding how to make your premises secure. We provide a variety of services including design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. With our security systems, you could protect your organization from events like break-ins, thefts, and accidental damages. We are a revolutionary leader in GPS tracking systems supplier. We deliver industry-leading GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems to small as well as large corporations based in Dubai. We strive to provide you with all the services for your business in your ways.

Now, you can manage your fleet from anywhere with our mobile-friendly solutions. Our fleet management system is both convenient and extensive, providing you with driver support, dynamic reporting, and mobile management. You can also observe the live status of every vehicle in your fleet. We strive to provide video audio intercom solutions based on your requirements. Our biometric door access control systems are also very reasonable. Our biometric systems are widely used in confidential places for its easy installation and high security. It can assist you in auditing of movement and time and attendance of staff.