Europe SME Opportunities, Ideas and Small Business Organizations Europe SME Associations and European Small Business Alliance. ESBA  is one of the largest organisations based on voluntary membership in Europe. Through its direct membership, associate membership and cooperation agreements, the Alliance now represents almost one million small businesses and covers 35 European countries. Increased support and recognition, internally and externally, however will only be achieved through tangible results. Through implementation of its ‘Vision 2020’ and the corresponding business plan, this is what ESBA,  European Small Business Alliance,  is constantly striving to achieve on behalf of its members and SMEs in Europe.

European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. UEAPMEThe European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. UEAPME is the employer’s organisation representing the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs at EU level. UEAPME is a recognised European Social Partner and acts on behalf of crafts and SMEs in the European Social Dialogue and in discussions with the EU institutions. It is a non-profit seeking and non-partisan organisation.

As the European SME umbrella organisation, UEAPME incorporates around 80 member organisations consisting of national cross-sectorial SME federations, European branch federations and other associate members, which support the SME family. Across the whole of Europe, UEAPME represents over 12 million enterprises with nearly 55 million employees.

SME Europe, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of EuropeSME Europe. The purpose of “SME Europe” (Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of Europe) is to shape EU policies in a more SME friendly way. SMEs are the backbone of the European economy as it is especially them that create sustainable jobs, growth and prosperity. We closely cooperate with national business organisations and European policy makers within the EPP political family, with a particular focus on the European Parliament.

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