Europe Small Business Ideas, Opportunities and SME Organizations. European Entrepreneur Organizations and The European Entrepreneurship Foundation. (EEF) – created in 2005 – is a non-profit organization. EEF helps building the next generation of European companies. Train the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, develop and disseminate programs that enhance entrepreneurial skills and abilities.

Our aim is to improve the ecosystem in which European entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. is the official website of EEF.

Women Entrepreneurship Europe Portal and Listing

Women Entrepreneurship Portal Europe. Networking and access to information for women entrepreneurs should be further promoted. As a part of this project, the European Commission has set up this portal on EUROPA specifically devoted to the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship. This Women’s Entrepreneurship in Europe Portal aims at providing links to the websites of women entrepreneurs’ representative organisations, networks, projects and events that relate to the promotion of female entrepreneurship.

YES – European Confederation of Young EntrepreneursEuropean Federation of Young Entrepreneurs. YES actively contributes to the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe and outside. It stimulates exchanges and network activity between young European entrepreneurs, fosters cooperation and sharing of best practices among their national associations, particularly in the fields of education and training.

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