African and Middle East SME Directory. This page is a source of information showing African associations and Middle East organizations within the micro business and small business, SME sector. This is not a complete source, it is not developed a ssuch, but we have plenty of links to other sources where you can search for more information related to your particular interest.

We have listing over non-profit organization supporting and educating the small business community in Africa. We have site listing for young Arab entrepreneurs, who help to develop business skills in young people in the the Middle East. We show nonprofit associations dedicated to encouraging the formation, growth, and success of small business Africa and Middle East wide through counseling and mentor programs.

OECD-MENA Business Directory

This directory lists initiatives where women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region can access business development services, financing, training, networks and other support. This information has been collected by the OECD-MENA Women’s Business Forum in an effort to disseminate information on the variety of initiatives working to support women’s enterprise development in the MENA region. It is intended as a resource for women entrepreneurs and for stakeholders working on women’s enterprise development.