Asia’s 300 Impressive Young Entrepreneurs 2017. Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 Asia: Meet The Class Of 2017. In its second year, the Asia list features 300 impressive young entrepreneurs – 30 in each of the 10 categories – from all walks of life, pushing the boundaries of innovation. The list is representative of the huge Asian and ASEAN regions geographically. From China (76 honorees) to India (53 honorees) and Southeast Asia to Australia (29 honorees), Uzbekistan (1 honoree) and Bhutan (1 honoree), there are 24 countries represented and over 30 nationalities in total – including young expats who have flocked to the region to help fuel its growth. Social issues are not forgotten on this list either. This year’s list of social entrepreneurs includes passionate young individuals helping to solve the region’s biggest problems.

Making of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia ListForbes says: The 30 Under 30 Asia list took almost six months to put together. In addition to receiving thousands of nominations online, we tasked our dozen correspondents and researchers from every corner of the region to find the best of the best young entrepreneurs making waves in their respective industries. Our in-house team then sifted through the nominations and enlisted the help of 30 judges – legends in their fields – to help pick the final 300. When it comes to empowerment, the list doesn’t disappoint either. We celebrate the achievements of a number of talented women, some of whom have actually risked their lives for what they believe in. We include for example Malaysian entrepreneurs like Neelofa, 28, and Vivy Yusof, 29, who have launched successful businesses and are shattering stereotypes about Muslim women.

Visit the Forbes Magazine here Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List and read about all the entrepreneurs for this year.

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