Asia SME Entrepreneur and Asian Entrepreneurship. Welcome to all micro and SME business people. This is our Asian site for ideas, trends, and strategies for small and micro business owners. And for women part-time, online shops, and work-at-home opportunities. This page is just a little about what we do on this site. We are informing about two main areas of Asian micro opportunities and Asian Pacific small business ideas. We call them “ASIA” and “ASEAN” – for those people who do not know what ASEAN is, we will give an explanation below. In the last few years, Southeast Asia has become a hotbed of investments for venture capitalists around the globe.

Asia SME Entrepreneur – Small Business Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur SME Asia - Small Business Entrepreneurs ASEANPlease visit our Small Business Blog here. If you are interested in the Asian SME and entrepreneur category, please start visiting our page about Entrepreneurs and Small Business in Asia. Here you can check out our right side menu “Related pages” where we have listed seven sub-categories. Inside each page you will find very good information about SME organizations and organizations  and youth and women small business sites for all the most important Asian countries. Presently, we have information about Asian SME entrepreneurs for more than thirty countries around in Asia. We are mainly talking about the nations located in Eastern and South-Central Asia. Here we have around twelve to fifteen Asian Entrepreneurship countries listed

Entrepreneurship in ASEAN and the Middle East

Entrepreneurship in ASEAN and the Middle East Asia SME Entrepreneur. In South-East Asia we have the ten countries who together is called ASEAN. This group of nations became only a few years ago the Asean Economic Community (AEC). We also have lots of youth and women micro business information on these ASEAN SME Entrepreneur pages, with listing of support organizations, etc. We have just developed new pages to expand to the Middle Eastern countries. Start by going to the Middle East Small Business page. And then continue to our other section Middle East SME Entrepreneurs with even more countries listed.

Asia SME Entrepreneur. On top of our page, we have a black menu with different topics. One topic which we have not mentioned in the previous text is “Niche SMEs in Asia“. Clicking on the link will bring you to another section about specialized business in the SME and entrepreneur, the tourism and travel area. Please take a look. Another section is a Directory of SMEs Organizations Worldwide. Find lots of associations to learn more about support, education, and training. And last, we are developing a Shopping Online and eCommerce Site for Asia. it will be developed step by step.

Watch also this video. Micro, small and medium businesses breathe life into our economy.


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